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A ‘Safe Six’ Recipe

Updated: May 12, 2022

From Monday 14th September, the Government has banned social gatherings of more than six people.

If you are a restaurateur, that means you can take bookings of no more than six people in a group.

At home, it means social gatherings of six friends or family at any one time. We want to make sure you can enjoy our ingredients safely under the new guidelines.

To get you started, here’s a recipe that’s perfect for six adults and made with our UK lamb shoulder (MEA226), currently on offer from just £6.89/kg.

Super Slow Roast

Our UK fresh lamb is tasty, tender and so easy to cook. Simply season, roast and serve with all your favourite trimmings!

  1. What to doPre-heat the oven to 100*C

  2. Place lamb in a large roasting dish Season well with salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil

  3. Add garlic cloves, lemon wedges and rosemary sprigs underneath and in the centre of the lamb folds

  4. Cover with foil and cook for eight hours

  5. Leave to rest, then shred and serve

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