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A festive fish feast

Updated: May 18, 2022

In the UK, our traditional Christmas dinner usually features a huge centrepiece turkey surrounded by all the trimmings, however many other countries see fish become the main meal focus. Although a bit untraditional, it’s a delicious alternative to the classic meat feast.

Whether you’re a restaurant serving guests this Christmas, or hosting Christmas dinner at home, we have some incredible fish recipes to cook up.


Create a spectacular salmon centrepiece with our whole skinless and boneless salmon fillet.

Bake in the oven with a honey garlic butter glaze to create incredible juicy flesh. Once cooked, top with a creamy dill sauce and a mixture of festive ingredients like cranberries, almonds and pomegranates.

Alternatively, an impressive salmon wellington always goes down a treat, and looks fantastic in the middle of the dinner table.

Use our smoked salmon slices for canapes and starters to impress your guests. Add onto a crisp bread or blini with some cream cheese, or as a twist in a prawn cocktail.

Seafood mix

A hearty fish pie always goes down well during the cold winter months. Use our seafood mix which features squid, mussels, clams, shrimps and octopus to create an out of the ordinary fish pie, or a comforting seafood pasta dish.


Fish salad is a traditional Christmas eve dish eaten by Italians, featuring octopus, black olives and celery. Add it onto your Christmas menu as a delicious appetizer served warm or cold.


Our prawn appetizers are the perfect starter to be shared amongst guests. With a selection of breaded, tempura or filo, these are a firm menu favourite before the main event.

Or why not try our black tiger prawns? Incredibly meaty and flavoursome, these prawns are of exceptional quality.

Once cooked, these are perfect for a next level prawn cocktail – serve with the heads still on for the ultimate prawn experience.

Sea bass

Our whole sea bass is an extravagant centrepiece for the Christmas table, or a great boxing day lunch. Roasted in the oven, it’s simple to prepare and is ideal for guests to share. Serve alongside some winter vegetables; we recommend hearty fennel, onions, carrots, artichokes and winter greens, along with loads of garlic!

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