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6 Ideas that will Boost Your Food Delivery Service

Restaurants and pubs need to become packaging pros and brand champions if they want to thrive in the food delivery business.

A delicious menu may have attracted customers to your restaurant, but with takeaway and delivery – great food is just the beginning.

Marrying meals with quality packaging and using creative marketing will help to keep food in tip top condition while driving customer loyalty.

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1. Think Outside the Box

Have you ever thought about offering your customers free fish and chips for a fixed, monthly, fee?

It’s a concept that’s helping to build loyalty for some brands, including global coffee-chain Pret a Manger, so why not fish and chips?

At the recent Women in Fish and Chips webinar, Suzi Pegg-Darlison from Seafish said that food subscriptions and meal deal concepts were growth opportunities for the sector, as consumers look for convenience and value.

2. Re-Connect with Customers

We’re living in an era where orders are placed online and delivery drivers leave food in the porch. It’s time to find ways to re-connect!

For special occasions like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, why not throw a few chocolate hearts in delivery bags?

Or try writing a personalised message on packaging?

It’s an easy, creative way make your customers smile and keep them coming back for more.

3. Get More Engaging Online

Creating a more engaging experience online is also a great way to stay close to customers and keep them up to date with new dishes and offers.

Get your brand out there on social media, including video platforms like Tik Tok that have exploded over the lockdown.

Stay close to what’s happening in your community by joining Facebook discussion groups. Free tools like Messenger and Google My Business are a great way to communicate with customers.

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4. Personalise Your Packaging

If you don’t have the budget to launch your own personalised packaging, plain cardboard is a great alternative.

It can look minimalist and trendy while allowing you to personalise packaging with branded stickers.

You could even start an art competition, inviting customers to design their favourite pizza on a plain box?

5. Tamper Free Tips

It’s well publicised that up to a third of drivers have admitted to eating from the food that they are about to deliver.

A good reason to make sure your packaging is sealed.

Stickers can be an easy way to make sure that meals are not tampered with and your customers are getting the portion sizes that they ordered!

6. Promote Eco-Credentials  

With record numbers of people ordering food takeaways and deliveries – the use of sustainable packaging has never been more important.

Make sure your suppliers have biodegradable and compostable options.

Highlight your eco-credentials on your menu so that customers can dispose of the packaging in the right way.

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