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15 minutes with… JJ’s Isfensiyar Kazakoglu


Isfensiyar Kazakoglu is also known as ‘Maradona’ by his workmates due to his striking resemblance to the retired professional Argentinian footballer. He is one of JJ’s longest serving members of staff having joined the business in 2001 as a driver’s assistant. Today, he is a warehouse team leader at JJ’s Enfield branch and manages a team of fifteen. His average day starts at 5am when he prepares pre-ordered goods for collection. He takes great pride in his work and customers often say he is always smiling and willing to offer a helping hand.

Seven things you didn’t know about Isfensiyar   

  1. First ever job – he worked as a waiter in a restaurant in Cyprus

  2. Languages – can speak Turkish, English and Arabic

  3. Hobbies – loves swimming and going to the cinema with his wife

  4. Favourite film – Superman

  5. Cooking – favourite dish is bulgur rice with tomato, kebab and salad

  6. Football – supports a Turkish football team called Galatasaray. Not so keen on rugby

  7. Look-a-like – colleagues thinks he looks like the retired professional footballer Maradona

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